Physician Advisory Group (PAG) and Peer Review Committee (PRC)


  • Develop standards, practice guidelines and utilization management criteria (based on scientific evidence and quality indicators) to monitor provider performance
  • Identify problems and opportunities to improve care
  • Analyze studies regarding quality of care issues, monitor quality findings, and make recommendations to the Commission
  • Provide community physician insight to help HPSM develop ongoing quality activities
  • Evaluate the Quality Improvement Program (QIP) as it relates to providers
  • Monitor, review and provide advice/expertise for physician credentialing and re-credentialing decisions
  • Address complex or problematic practitioner credentialing and re credentialing program activities and investigate specific case-based quality of care issues


Both the PAG and PRC are comprised of the same 12 participating physicians and specialists.

Kenneth Tai, M.D.Contracting Physician (Pediatrics)
Hung-Ming Chu, M.D.Contracting Physician PCP (Adult Psychiatrist)
James Hutchinson, M.D.Contracting Physician PCP (Family Practitioner)
Leland Luna, M.D. Contracting Physician PCP (Family Practitioner)
Kamal Shamash, M.D.Contracting Physician PCP (Family Practitioner)
Tali Bashour, M.D.Contracting Physician PCP (Internal Medicine, Retired)
Vincent Mason, M.D.Contracting Physician PCP (Pediatrics)
Roberto Diaz, M.D.Contracting Physician Specialist (OB/GYN)
Tom Stodgel, M.D. Contracting Physician Specialist (OB/GYN)
Randolph Wong, M.D.Contracting Physician Specialist (Surgeon)
Janet Chaikind, M.D.SMMC Physician

Vacant positions: Physician Member-Commissioner

Committee Meeting Schedule

1st Wednesday of every other month (February, April, June, August, October and December) from 7:30– 8:30 a.m.

Meeting Location:
 San Mateo Medical Center
Alcove Room (2nd floor)
222 W 39th Ave
San Mateo, CA 94403