Physician Advisory Group (PAG) and Peer Review Committee (PRC) 


  • Develop standards, practice guidelines and utilization management criteria (based on scientific evidence and quality indicators) to monitor provider performance
  • Identify problems and opportunities to improve care
  • Analyze studies regarding quality of care issues, monitor quality findings, and make recommendations to the Commission
  • Provide community physician insight to help HPSM develop ongoing quality activities
  • Evaluate the Quality Improvement Program (QIP) as it relates to providers
  • Monitor, review and provide advice/expertise for physician credentialing and re-credentialing decisions
  • Address complex or problematic practitioner credentialing and re credentialing program activities and investigate specific case-based quality of care issues 


Both the PAG and PRC are comprised of the same 12 participating physicians and specialists. 

Member Representation 
Kenneth Tai, M.D. Commissioner - Contracting Physician (Pediatrics) 
Leland Luna, M.D. Contracting Physician PCP (Family Practitioner) 
Vincent Mason, M.D. Contracting Physician PCP (Pediatrics) 
Tom Stodgel, M.D. Contracting Physician Specialist (OB/GYN) 
Victor ArmendarizContracting Physician, SMMC
Bryan Gescuk, M.D.Contracting Physician
Randolph Wong, M.D. Contracting Physician Specialist (Surgeon) 
Janet Chaikind, M.D. SMMC Physician 

Vacant positions: 2 Contracting Physicians; 1 Contracting Pharmacist; 1 Contracting Physician-Specialist

Committee Meeting Schedule

1st Wednesday of every other month (February, April, June, August, October and December) from 7:30– 8:30 a.m.

Due to COVID-19, all meetings of the CCS Clinical Advisory Committee are currently being held virtually via Microsoft Teams in accordance to AB 361.  For a copy of the agenda and information on how to connect to these virtual meetings, please contact the Clerk of the Commission at (650) 616-0050