HPSM’s role in Whole Person Care

All Whole Person Care participants receive health care benefits through HPSM’s Medi-Cal plan. Our staff members are represented on the pilot’s committees, and we’re operating an expanded Community Care Settings program specifically for this pilot. 

HPSM also plays a major role in information sharing, which is part of what makes San Mateo County’s Whole Person Care pilot unique. All 18 Whole Person Care pilots take referrals from pilot partners and other community resources. But in San Mateo County’s pilot:

  • The vast majority of candidates are identified by HPSM based on utilization records
  • Members who have had four or more emergency room visits in a year and experienced serious mental illness, substance abuse, homelessness or recent release from prison are automatically flagged for consideration
  • This identification process helps the pilot reach its goal of engaging at least 2,000 members each year and ensure that all members who can benefit from the pilot are given the opportunity to participate

Praise for Whole Person Care

"Getting direct referrals from Whole Person Care partners greatly streamlines the housing referral process, allowing us to find suitable housing for people who desperately need it much more quickly."

Nelly To

Program Director, Brilliant Corners

"Whole Person Care brings all parts of the health system together to treat the ‘Whole Person.’ This collaborative care coordination model enables us to help people with complex needs live longer, better lives."

Lucinda Dei Rossi

Manager of the Whole Person Care Pilot, San Mateo County Health System

"The needs of our most complex members often cannot be adequately addressed by our traditional medical care approaches. Whole Person Care allows us to more effectively support and bridge the psychosocial factors that negatively impact a person’s overall health."

Dr. Susan Huang

Chief Medical Officer, Health Plan of San Mateo