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Creative Ways to Celebrate Special Events


Celebrating special events like birthdays and holidays is important because it an expression of our deepest values. But during a pandemic, you may have to adapt how you celebrate for safety. Here are some creative ways you can do that. 

Order gifts online or for curbside pickup 

Shopping online lets you avoid busy stores where social distancing is difficult. If you haven’t shopped online before, you may be surprised by the number of choices. This may help you find the perfect presents for each person on your list. 

Plan special celebrations just for your household 


Get dressed up, eat your favorite foods, play your favorite music and do all the fun stuff you normally do when you celebrate a birthday or holiday. But think about taking it to the next level to make this year’s celebration memorable – whatever that means for your family!

Celebrate with people outside your household virtually 

It is risky to visit people outside or your household. The further you go from home, the more risk you may put yourself in. Travelling by plane or public transportation is even riskier. 

Video chat apps are a great way to connect with people from home. Whether you’re talking to one person or hosting a party online, video chatting is the next best thing to being there – but way safer! 

See people in-person with a drive-by parade 


Invite family, friends and neighbors to drive by your house at a specific time. Put party decorations out to welcome people as they pass and give your kids signs to wave. Dress your best. Document the event with photos and videos, then send them to everyone who came or post some on social media.

If you are alone, celebrate your way!

Whether you are on your own by choice or not, do what you want when special events come around. Plan activities that you enjoy. Spend some quality time with yourself, connect with those you care about by phone or video, get yourself a gift, have your favorite meal or volunteer to help others in need.

Find new ways to observe religious and spiritual traditions 

To observe religious and spiritual customs safely, you may need to adapt how you practice them. For instance, many houses of worship offer virtual services. But you may be inspired to find new ways to practice your faith at home with socially distanced holidays. 

Remember loved ones who have passed


If you lost someone near and dear recently, find meaningful ways to honor their memory during celebrations. For instance, display their photo, light candles, hang a decoration that they would like or give a toast to them. 

Talking about a someone who has passed helps those who loved them process their passing in a healthy way. When you remember someone you cared about, think about how you would like to be remembered, and give them the same respect.