Your Member ID Cards

Your HPSM ID card came with your Welcome Packet

  • 1

    Your HPSM CareAdvantage ID Card

Your CareAdvantage ID card is proof of your HPSM membership

Key information includes:


  1. Member name
  2. Member ID number
  3. Plan effective date
  4. Date of birth
  5. PCP's name & phone number
  6. PCP effective date
  7. Drug benefit info
  8. Get your dental benefits


  1. Emergency instructions
  2. Contact info for CareAdvantage Unit
  3. Mental health services phone line
  4. HPSM's Nurse Advice Line phone number
  5. A section with information for your providers
  • 2

    Your Medi-Cal Benefit ID Card (BIC)

Your Medi-Cal Benefit ID Card (BIC) is proof of Medi-Cal enrollment

You will need this card to use your dental benefits.