CareAdvantage Cal MediConnect Plan (Medicare-Medicaid Plan) 2022

CareAdvantage CMC 2022

CareAdvantage is a health insurance program that combines Medicare and Medi-Cal into one comprehensive, convenient plan. It also provides extra benefits and is available to eligible HPSM Medi-Cal members.

Who is eligible

You can join CareAdvantage if you:

  • Live in San Mateo County
  • Have Medicare Parts A & B and
  • Have full-scope Medi-Cal

What is covered


Over 5,000 providers to choose from – and you can keep your doctors and specialists (restrictions may apply) Is my physician in the network?


No-cost rides to approved health care visits, including medical, pharmacy, dental and mental health services. Learn more.


Vision care, including annual eye exam and $100 towards eyewear every other year


Prescription drug coverage – low or no co-pays


No co-pays for:

  •  Doctor visits
  •  Medical & preventative services
  •  Hospital care
  •  ER visits / Urgent care
  •  Mental health services
  •  Physical & occupational therapy
  •  Long-term nursing home care
  •  Access to special programs like Community-Based Adult Services and home-health “house calls” (restrictions may apply)

Ready to Join?

For information, call a licensed CareAdvantage Medicare Specialist

Toll free: 1-888-252-3153 Local: 650-616-1500

TTY: 1-800-735-2929 or dial 7-1-1

Hours: Monday–Friday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

CareAdvantage Cal MediConnect Plan (Medicare-Medicaid Plan) is a health plan that contracts with both Medicare and Medi-Cal to provide benefits of both programs to enrollees. Limitations and restrictions may apply. For more information, call the CareAdvantage Unit or read the CareAdvantage 2022 Member Handbook.

Benefits and co-pays may change on January 1 of each year.

If you speak other languages other than English, language assistance services, free of charge, are available to you. Call 1-866-880-0606 (TTY: 1-800-735-2929 or dial 7-1-1). ( Download this statement in multiple languages.)

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