COVID-19 Resources for Providers

Working with HPSM

HPSM Remains Open

To support essential services during the shelter-in-place directive, HPSM will remain open. However, we have a reduced and largely remote (telecommuting) staff. Please note: 

  • We are closed to onsite visits (either at provider offices or at HPSM’s office).    
  • Please hold Provider Dispute Resolution requests (PDRs) and paper claims until further notice.  
  • Please submit claims electronically through eHEALTHsuite. Get more information on electronic claims
  • Timely filing requirements will be lifted until further notice. Please monitor HPSM’s website for updates. 

Changes to office hours? Let us know.

Please send any changes/updates to your hours of operation or staffing capacity to HPSM Provider Services at Sharing this information with us will help us continue to connect members to necessary services.