Create an Evacuation Action Plan

Creating an action plan now will help you and your family be prepared to leave home if a wildfire threatens your area. Plus, you can take action now to help protect your home from burning in a wildfire. It is also important to know what to do if you are caught in a wildfire. The basics of these topics are covered below. Click the links for more details. 

Tips on creating your evacuation action plan

Use CAL FIRE’s app to create a personalized wildfire action plan for your family that includes:

  • Knowing how you and your family will get out of the house quickly with your emergency supplies
  • At least one place where you can go in an emergency (such as a family member or friend’s house)
  • Pets or livestock (if you have them)
    • It is best to take animals with you when you evacuate if you can
    • Be aware that not all evacuation centers accept animals
    • For more details about including animals in your emergency evacuation plans, see CAL FIRE’s website
  • At least two routes you can take to get to your safe house
  • Completing all the tasks on CAL FIRE’s evacuation checklist before leaving (if you have enough time to do so safely)

What to do if you are caught in a wildfire

CAL FIRE’s website also has advice about what to do if you are caught in a wildfire. The instructions differ depending on whether you are in your vehicle, on foot or at home. 

See more resources on protecting yourself from wildfires and smoke