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Provider Portal

  • Verify members’ eligibility
  • Check claims payment
  • Submit prior authorization requests and check request status
  • Sign up for and update Electronic Funds Transfer/Electronic Remittance Advice (EFT/ERA)
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Submit claims online

Please note: HPSM currently accepts electronic claims from three clearinghouses: Office Ally (Payer ID: HPSM1), Change Healthcare (Payer ID: SX174 for 837 professional & 12X74 for 837 Institutional), and WayStar (Payer ID: HPSM1). UB04 (Institutional) claims can only be submitted through FTP, Office Ally or Change Healthcare. 1500 claim submissions are accepted through eHealthsuite, Office Ally, or Change Healthcare.


  • Remittance advices
  • PCP and Nursing Facility Value-Based Payment Program reports
  • Personalized patient engagement data for PCPs
  • Primary care panel assignment and capitation reports
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Update My Information

Use this form to verify that your information in HPSM's provider directory is correct, or to submit a change to your directory information.

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