Prepare for Wildfires 

Wildfires can be large, fast-moving and dangerous so it is important to prepare to evacuate at a moment’s notice. Know your community’s local evacuation plan and know where you will go if you have to evacuate. Practice two routes to get there. If officials tell you to evacuate, do so immediately for your own safety. 

Important information for people who use electricity to refrigerate medications or run medical equipment.

Wildfire resources 

San Mateo County’s SMC Wildfire Response website has information about:

  • The latest evacuation orders in the county.
  • A list of evacuation centers.
  • Current road closures.

CalFire’s Ready For Wildfire website has information and videos on:

  • Creating a wildfire action plan to protect your family and home.
  • Current wildfire incidents to see how close they are to you.
  • Protecting your home with smart landscaping and fire-resistant building materials.
  • Signing up for text messages about wildfires near you.
  • Returning home safely after a wildfire.

FIRE SAFE San Mateo County's website has:

  • A simple guide to help you make a safe evacuation plan.
  • Instructions for hardening your home to protect it from direct flame contact and radiant heat.
  • Information on creating a 100-foot Defensible Space around your home to help slow or stop the spread of wildfire.

MyHazards from CAL OES (Governor's Office of Emergency services) at

  • Helps you reduce personal risk for hazards in your area (earthquake, flood, fire and tsunami).
  • Just enter your address, city and zip code or select your location from a map. 
  • This gives you information on the risks identified within the search radius and recommended actions you can take to protect yourself.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) AirNow website has:

  • Information on the current Air Quality Index (AQI) for your area. The AQI is what the EPA uses to measure and report air quality. It is a scale from 0 (healthiest air) to 500 (most polluted air). It is color-coded into six categories, from green (Good) to maroon (Hazardous). 
  • Maps showing air quality and wildfire activity.
  • Information on how smoke can affect your health.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District’s website has information and videos on including:

  • How to keep the air in your home clean.
  • Special health concerns related to wildfire smoke.
  • What to do during a smoke event.