Healthy at Home

The elderly and people with disabilities generally require more complex care and use more services than other populations. That’s why HPSM offers a suite of interconnected programs designed especially for them.

The “house calls” we make through these programs enable us to evaluate members where they live and ensure they have whatever resources they need. This reduces hospitalizations and long-term care stays so members can live where they most want to be—at home.

Eligibility for HPSM’s Healthy at Home programs is limited to eligible HPSM members. To find out more, click on the program you are interested in.

  • HomeAdvantage is a program that provides eligible CareAdvantage members with routine home visits, urgent on-call treatment, 24/7 phone access to providers, transition support after a hospital visit and more
  • Community Care Settings Pilot (CCSP) is a joint venture with the Brilliant Corners housing agency and the Institute on Aging that helps members with multiple medical conditions move out of long-term care facilities and into their own homes
  • Home Visiting Physician is a program through which the HPSM care coordination team can send out a physician or nurse practitioner for a one-time assessment or short-term medical management of home-bound members who have an acute unmet need
  • Home-Based Assessment provides hour-long at-home evaluations of CareAdvantage members’ physical and mental status, medications and living environment

A winning strategy

In sports, the “home advantage” is when a team competes on their home field or court, where they play most often and their fans cheer them on. This improves the team’s chances of winning—just like we help members win the healthy fight where they live.