HomeAdvantage provides home-based medical care at no cost to select members of our CareAdvantage program. Care teams comprised of doctors, nurses and other specialists make scheduled “house calls” to members’ homes for check-ups and treatment. This unique program has already helped more than 1,300 HPSM members. Some of its key benefits include:

  • Urgent care: Team members are available by phone 24/7. Depending on the situation, they can send a clinician to the member’s house or instruct them to visit the nearest emergency room. Knowing that a trusted medical professional is always just a phone call away helps members and their caretakers rest easier. 
  • Reduced hospitalizations: HomeAdvantage helps keep people healthy at home – where they want to be – and out of emergency rooms, hospitals and long-term care facilities, where stress and contagion can make them sicker. 
  • Post-hospitalization visits: The first few weeks after returning home from the hospital is when people are statistically most vulnerable to relapse. During this time, the HomeAdvantage care team provides enhanced support to speed the recovery process and prevent unnecessary rehospitalization.
  • A professional team: In addition to doctors and nurses, HomeAdvantage’s care team may also include pharmacists, social workers, behavioral health specialists, dieticians and other wellness professionals. 
  • Care Coordination: The HomeAdvantage team works with the member’s PCP and other doctors, as well as family and caregivers, to ensure that all treatments complement one another. HomeAdvantage does not replace the member’s other doctors – members continue seeing all of their regular care providers.


HPSM provides HomeAdvantage through a partnership with Landmark Health to our CareAdvantage members who have five or more chronic conditions. To learn more, call Landmark directly at 650-826-2937 or visit landmarkhealth.org.