Benefits of Getting Dental Care

After visiting the dentist, you may notice whiter teeth and fresher breath right away. But did you know that getting regular dental care can also help you stay healthy and avoid illness? Keep reading to learn more!

Good Oral Health Improves Overall Health

Taking care of your teeth helps protect you from oral infections that can cause or worsen chronic illnesses (such as cardiovascular disease and pneumonia). Some chronic conditions (like diabetes and osteoporosis) can negatively impact oral health. Plus, if you are pregnant, bad bacteria in the mouth can affect your baby’s health. So, if you are pregnant or have a chronic condition, dental care is especially important.

Good dental care even helps people feel better about themselves. It can prevent childhood speech disorders that can negatively affect kids’ self-esteem and ability to learn. Plus, a brighter smile can make you happier no matter what your age!

Regular Dental Care Prevents Painful Problems

Maybe you’ve avoided going to the dentist because you are afraid it will be painful. But did you know that dentists are trained to treat teeth gently and only do dental work that you can handle? Plus, dentists today have more ways to minimize pain than ever before. These include topical and local anesthesia (i.e., numbing gels and novocaine shots). Dentists can also prescribe pain medications that you can take after a visit.

Also, regular checkups and cleanings prevent cavities and dental emergencies that can cause severe pain. So, the longer you avoid the dentist, the more painful getting dental care is likely to be. The sooner you get dental care, the less painful it will be – now and in the future.

Start Your Kids on Lifelong Dental Care Habits

Bringing children to the dentist teaches them that taking care of their teeth is important. Kids need dental care as soon as their first teeth come in. Children under six need help brushing their teeth, and the dentist can show you how to help them. The dentist can also teach you and your children good daily oral hygiene habits at any age.

Following your dentist’s advice will help keep your kids’ teeth healthy and strong. Plus, visiting the dentist makes it more likely that they will take good care of their teeth throughout their lives.

Three keys to daily dental hygiene

While going to the dentist is important, you need to take good care of your teeth every day to have a clean, healthy smile. Make these habits part of your daily routine!

  1. Brush twice a day
  2. Floss once a day
  3. Limit sugary foods and drinks, especially soda