Workforce and Network Diversity

Having staff and providers from a variety of racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds that represent our community’s rich diversity is one of HPSM’s top priorities. This range of voices helps us improve our members’ health care experience and ensure everyone has equal access to quality care.

To make health equity for all a reality, we actively work to ensure that our staff and network providers:

  • Have the training and tools they need to deliver culturally appropriate services 
  • Feel supported by a structure where everyone feels valued, represented and included 
  • Proportionately reflect our member population’s cultural demographics 

Check out our HPSM Staff Spotlight to read interviews with some of our culturally diverse employees about how their heritage both shaped their life views and inspired them to work in public health

Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services Trainings


We offer a range of cultural sensitivity and competency training resources to all of our employees. These include a mandatory annual training that all employees participate in as well as interactive online courses that employees can take anytime through such resources as LinkedIn Learning. Encouraging employees to learn about different cultures helps us foster a workplace culture that values and thrives on diversity.


We offer our network providers online tools, webinars and other resources to ensure they are able to give our members culturally inclusive care. We also strongly encourage providers to coordinate with and refer HPSM members to our local community partners who specialize in supporting specific cultural groups.  

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA) Group

HPSM has formed a special internal committee dedicated to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion among staff. The IDEA Group’s ultimate goal is to embrace diversity throughout the organization by fostering a structure where employees of all ethnicities, cultures, genders, ages, abilities, orientations and identities feel valued, represented, included, and free to share their voices and contributions. The committee will be made up of staff from all levels of our organization so that employees can help lead this important initiative.  

Provider diversity

We are planning several efforts to increase the diversity of our provider network so that it more closely reflects our members’ demographic makeup.