San Mateo County ACE Program

Prescriptions and Pharmacies

Covered Drugs

  • Brand and generic medications prescribed by your doctor that are in the ACE Formulary (below)
  • Non-formulary drugs that your doctor prescribes and gets prior authorization for from HPSM
  • Some over-the-counter medicines may be covered if you have a doctor's prescription

Not covered

  • Over-the-counter medicines that do not require a doctor's prescription
  • Dietary supplements
  • Drugs for breast, cervical or prostate cancer
  • Birth control
  • Experimental medicines

Partipant Cost

Co-pay for covered medications is $7.

Patient Assistance Programs (PAP)

When you are seen by a specialist physician, and he/she prescribes a specialty medication (usually a high cost specialized prescription medication) there may be an opportunity for you to qualify for the drug manufacturer’s Patients Assistance Program (PAP). You would need to apply for the PAP, and if approved by the PAP, you may be able to get the prescription medication at a very low or at no cost to you. Talk to your doctor or specialist to get more information and how to apply for the PAP.

Pharmacy Network

In general, your prescriptions are covered only if they are filled at a network pharmacy (see next section). If your prescription is denied at the pharmacy, call your doctor. Your doctor needs to request a prior authorization from HPSM to get coverage for that drug by filling out the Pharmacy Prior Authorization Request Form and faxing it to 650-829-2045. Your physician’s approval is required.

If your assigned PCP clinic is part of the San Mateo Medical Center network (except Coastside Clinic), you can go to any pharmacy that is in the SMMC pharmacy network.

If you are assigned to North East Medical Services, Coastside Clinic, Ravenswood Family Health Center, or Ravenswood at Belle Haven Clinic, your prescriptions are accepted only at the PCP linked pharmacies. You cannot take your prescriptions to a pharmacy that is not linked to your PCP clinic.

Find a pharmacy in your home area

The HPSM network has 234 pharmacies in San Mateo County and San Francisco.

  •  Search by pharmacy name, health plan, location or type of provider
  •  Click on a pharmacy name in the search results to see additional information
  •  Search results include links to interactive maps and directions
  •  Print or save the information for individual pharmacies
  •  Weekly updates ensure you get the most accurate results

Find a covered drug

Use the formulary search form to find a covered drug by generic or brand name, or view all drugs within a category.

View the list of drugs covered by the San Mateo County ACE Program.

The formulary includes both generic and name-brand medications. See the last section for an alphabetical index.