Incentive Payments for Nursing Facilities

HPSM offers bonus payments for quality performance to in-network nursing facilities providing skilled and/or long-term care services to our Medi-Cal and CareAdvantage members. In-network facilities are automatically opted-in to the following upside-only bonuses:

  • Nursing Facility P4P offers bonus payments based on performance in quality metrics designed to improve HPSM member bed access, reduce inpatient and emergency department utilization, and improve care transitions.
  • Community Discharge P4P offers long-term care facilities bonus payments for successfully discharging HPSM members with extended institutional stays to a community setting where they remain continuously for six months or more.


  • 2023 Nursing Facility P4P – These program guidelines contain comprehensive information on structure and quality performance metrics.
  • 2023 Community Discharge P4P – This incentive overview provides information on the eligibility requirements for a credited discharge and community retention.