Language Services

Cultural and Linguistic Services

HPSM is committed to delivering culturally and linguistically appropriate services to all eligible members with limited English proficiency or sensory impairment. We therefore offer free telephonic, in-person and American Sign Language services provided by professionally trained interpreters. Understanding these services will help you meet regulatory requirements and provide quality care to your patients.

Telephone interpreters

HPSM partners with Certified Languages International (CLI) to offer HPSM members telephone interpreting services in more than 200 languages. You and your office staff can access a telephonic interpreter through Certified Language International 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To use a telephone interpreter

  1. Dial 1-800-CALL-CLI (1-800-225-5254)
  2. Provide the following information to the CLI operator when prompted:
    • Provider Access Code: 64095
    • Language needed
    • Provider office name
    • HPSM member ID
    • HPSM member date of birth
  3. Begin your conversation after the CLI operator connects you to the interpreter

In-person or sign language interpreters

In-person interpreters are available for HPSM members during medical appointments with a five day advance notice for the following situations:

  • Sign language for the deaf and hard-of-hearing
  • End of life issues
  • Sexual assault/abuse issues or other sensitive issues
  • Complex courses of therapy or procedures, including life-threatening diagnosis
  • Other conditions by exception as determined by the Medical Director

To schedule an in-person interpreter:

  1. Complete the In-Person or Sign Language Interpreter Services Request Form
  2. Fax the form to the HPSM Quality Department at 650-616-8235
  3. Receive confirmation of the scheduled appointment from HPSM staff

To cancel or reschedule an interpreter appointment:

Call HPSM's Quality Services at 650-616-2165. Please do not call the interpreter directly to inform them of the cancellation. HPSM will communicate all cancellations and changes to the interpreter.

Translated Material & Alternate Formats

HPSM provides at no cost upon request:

  • Written materials in the member's preferred language (English, Spanish, Chinese and Tagalog)
  • Materials in alternate formats, such as large print, Braille or audio

To request our materials in another language or alternate format please contact Provider Services.

Training Sessions

HPSM can provide an office-based training session to discuss how to identify and address the linguistic needs of patients whose English proficiency is limited. This includes the use of tools and services available to HPSM providers and members.

  • How to identify language needs
  • How to work effectively with interpreters
  • How to identify and assist patients with low literacy skills

Practical Guide to Culturally Competent Care

Physicians and other health care professionals can earn CME credit by completing an online course: A Physician's Practical Guide to Culturally Competent Care. Click here for a free on line educational program accredited for physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners:

Guide to Culturally Competent Care

Call Health Education at 650-616-2165 to ask about language services.