Sexual Health

Follow these general health tips and get regular check-ups with your doctors.

Protect Yourself

To prevent pregnancy and a sexually transmitted infection (STI), always use a condom if you are having sex. This should be used in addition to primary method of birth control (e.g., "the pill" or injections, etc).

Respect yourself

Avoid having sex with multiple partners. Multiple partners greatly increase your risk of STIs. If you are sexually active and having symptoms of an STI, or you are just not sure, see your doctor right away.

Check 'em out

Ask your partner about past exposures to STIs. If your partner had a recent exposure to STIs, avoid having sex with this person.


Whether you’re pregnant or planning on getting pregnant, talk to your doctor about things you can do to keep healthy, and to have a healthy baby. These include a healthy diet and regular exercise.

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