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Positive Thinking 

Research shows that how we think about what happens to us affects our physical health. By thinking in a positive way, you may be more able to care for yourself and handle life's normal ups and downs. This may help you cope with stress, anxiety and depression.

Mind over body

Our bodies make chemicals when we are stressed. If these chemicals are released over a long time, they can make us feel depressed. Our bodies can also make other chemicals that help us feel calm, relaxed and happy. Even when you are upset or angry, you can help your body reduce stress chemicals and produce “happy” chemicals. Try smiling, breathing deeply, thinking pleasant thoughts and exercising. 

With practice, you can learn to calm yourself, mind over body. A positive state of mind will help you beat stress by keeping things in perspective.

Positive thoughts

We all have troubles in life. Life is not perfect. We, our loved ones and our children are not perfect. Sometimes a problem can seem hard to deal with. Keeping these challenges in perspective and maintaining a positive outlook can help you stay healthier.

You can call the Behavioral Health and Recovery Services (BHRS) ACCESS Call Center at 1-800-686-0101 when you need support to get through life's problems.

Remember, you are not alone. That is one more reason to smile.

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