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Make a Pain Management Plan

Whether you have acute or chronic pain, following a pain management plan is the best and safest way to feel better. Your primary care provider (PCP) can work with you to create a pain management plan that meets your specific needs. 

Why it is important

Your pain management plan:

  • Speeds your recovery so you will have less pain, feel better faster and get back to doing what you love sooner
  • Helps you be healthier and happier: reducing your pain will help resolve any physical and emotional problems it may be causing
  • Helps protect you from the dangers of opioid misuse, addiction and overdose  
  • Shows your progress towards recovery and what types of treatment help the most so you can optimize their benefits
  • Helps you and your providers work as team on your care

Your pain management plan may include:

  • Your personal treatment goals 
  • Strategies for achieving your goals 
  • Ways to track your progress 
  • A list of your medications and instructions on how to take them 
  • A plan and timeline for easing you off of prescription opioids 
  • The names of your doctors and referrals to specialists 
  • Your treatments (such as physical therapy visits) and how often you need them
  • Activities for you to do at home (such as exercise or ways to relax)
  • Other treatment options for you to consider

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