Baby + Me Program

Your form has been received

Thank you for your interest in the Baby & Me program. We will call you back during the time you shared. If you have questions, call us at 650-616-2165

Baby + Me promotes timely care and health from the start of pregnancy to birth and beyond. Members who are pregnant or who recently delivered a baby are eligible for this program.

Members who sign up can earn up to $100 in Target GiftCardsTM for going to two visits!

$50 Target GiftCard
  Visit your provider during your first 12 weeks of pregnancy.
$50 Target GiftCard
  Visit your provider between 1 and 12 weeks after having your baby.

HPSM Health Promotion staff can also help you:

  • Find a provider for your prenatal care
  • Get a breast pump at no cost to you
  • Guide you to local programs for parents and families

Once we get your Baby + Me Program contact form, we will call you at the phone number you entered. If you are eligible for the program:

  1. We will mail you a form to bring with you to your next visit with your provider.
  2. Your provider will need to fill out the form.
  3. Once your provider fills out the form, send the form to HPSM by mail in the postage paid envelope or by fax to 650-829-2072.

If you have any questions, please call 650-616-2165.