Preventive Care

Preventive care means going to your primary care provider (PCP) before you feel sick. This lets your PCP check your health, which helps find health issues early on and will help you stay healthy. HPSM covers all preventive care visits – so whether it’s for you or your child, you pay no cost. Preventive care includes vital health services like:

  • Checkups, screenings and tests for early detection of problems (such as diabetes and heart disease) – so you can get treated as soon as possible
  • Vaccinations to keep you from getting diseases like the flu and COVID-19
  • Referrals from your doctor to medical or behavioral health specialists if you need their services 
  • Prescriptions for medications that you may need to treat your health conditions
  • Advice from your doctor about good self-care, including how to eat a healthy diet and get enough exercise

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