Take Your Medications as Prescribed

Managing your medications means taking them as prescribed by your doctor. You must take the right amount of medication at the right times. You must take your medications for as long as your doctors says to and not longer. There are several reasons why this is important:

Taking medications the right way helps you

  • It helps you stay safe and healthy
  • If you have a temporary sickness, you will get better faster
  • If you have a chronic condition, it will help manage your symptoms

Taking medications the wrong way can hurt you

  • It can make you sicker, put you in the hospital and even endanger your life
  • It may take you longer to get better from a temporary sickness
  • If you have a chronic condition, it can make your symptoms worse, which makes you feel worse

Do you have trouble managing your medications?

If so, you are not alone. About two-thirds of adults in the US take prescription drugs. Of those, around half do not take their medications as directed.

There are many reasons that people don’t take their medications the right way. Some of the most common are:

  • Not understanding how to take medications 
  • Confusion from having multiple medications
  • Forgetting to take doses at the right time
  • Side effects that cause unpleasant feelings
  • Doubt that the medication is working
  • Cost when someone is struggling financially

Do any of these reasons keep you from taking your medication correctly? If so, visit our “Tips for Taking Medications as Prescribed” page. There you will find practical strategies for taking medications the right way.

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