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More Diabetes Resources

Use HPSM’s Diabetes Management Program

If you have diabetes, it is vital to follow a step-by-step plan for your own health and safety. HPSM’s Diabetes Management Program includes:

  • The health benefits of taking care of your diabetes
  • How often you need to see your diabetes health care provider 
  • The tests and exams you need to have done at each health care visit
  • And more

Download HPSM’s Diabetes Management Program below (available in four languages). Bring it to your next health care appointment and discuss it with your provider. 

Where to find more information

Who to call for more information

Your health care provider if you have questions about your diabetes. Your health care provider can also help you get a glucometer if you need one. If you need a glucometer, your health care provider will send a prescription for a glucometer to your pharmacy.

HPSM’s Health Education Unit at 650-616-2165 to learn more about diabetes programs.

Your assigned HPSM care coordinator at 650-616-2060. They can connect you with resources and information to meet your diabetes goals.