We believe in local control, accountability and transparency. HPSM operates as a County Organized Health System (or COHS): a unique health care model in which HPSM is the single entity responsible for Medi-Cal benefits for eligible beneficiaries who live in San Mateo County. The people we serve – members, providers and community partners – are central to HPSM’s governance structure. Their input contributes to our priorities and decision-making process.  

Governance structure

The San Mateo Health Commission is the governing board for HPSM. HPSM also has several advisory committees and subcommittees with memberships made up of representatives from our community – including the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors, healthcare providers, San Mateo County health care officials, employees of community-based organizations and health plan enrollees. Their involvement helps improve our programs and enable HPSM to better serve our members, providers and community.


Most of our Commission and committee meetings are also open to the public, and we post all meeting materials on our website. Community governance, two-way communication and transparency ensure that HPSM remains responsive and accountable.