Our Mission, Vision & Values


To ensure that San Mateo County’s underserved residents have access to high-quality care services and supports so they can live the healthiest lives possible.


We believe that healthy is for everyone and work to continually advocate for our members health, especially those disproportionally impacted by health inequities, and meet the highest quality of care standards.  


HPSM has been keeping San Mateo County HEALTHY for over 35 years:

Health care that puts members at the center of everything we do.

Equitable access to quality services and supports for all members.

Advocacy for members disproportionately impacted by health inequities.

Local health care based in San Mateo county provided in partnership with community resources.

Transparency and accountability achieved through local governance.

Honesty is the core of our service to members, providers, business partners and the community.

You - because HEALTHY is for everyone!

To learn more about our mission, vision and values, read our 2024-2028 Strategic Plan