Quality Improvement Committee (QIC)

Committee Role

  • Develop and maintain HPSM’s Quality Management Program
  • Develop an annual Quality Management Work Plan
  • Monitor HPSM’s quality improvement processes (evaluate and review quality improvement policies, procedures, standards of care and quality indicators at least annually)
  • Analyze data to identify trends, system problems and opportunities to improve care
  • Select routine monitoring issues, evaluation topics and special studies that are relevant to and will have a potential impact on the membership population served
  • Evaluate the progress of initiatives

Committee Membership

The QIC’s 11 members are appointed by the Health Commission and represent many different types of provider practices, including primary care, adult, pediatrics and specialists.

Nancy Morioka-Douglas, M.D.PCP/adult (Academic Center)
Kenneth Tai, M.D.PCP (Chief Medical Officer, NEMS)
Maria Osmena, M.D.PCP/pediatric
Jeanette Aviles, M.D. SMMC Physician (Internal Medicine)
Hung-mung Chu, M.D.Specialist (Deputy Medical Director, BHRS)

Vacant positions: PCP, Pharmacist, Physician Member, Public Member-Commissioner, Specialist (2).

QIC Committee meeting schedule

3rd Wednesday of March, June, September, and December from 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Meeting Location:
 HPSM Boardroom
801 Gateway Blvd., Suite 100
South San Francisco, CA 94080