Finance/Executive Committee 


  • Review HPSM’s administrative and operating budgets. 
  • Review draft agendas for Commission meetings. 
  • Oversee and perform detailed reviews of HPSM’s financial operations and present findings to the Commission. 


The committee consists of five members who also sit on the Health Commission. 

Member Representation 
Michael Callagy  Commissioner 
Si France, M.D.Commissioner 
Bill GrahamCommissioner
Don Horsley Commissioner 
Ligia Andrade ZunigaCommissioner


Committee meetings 

The Finance/Executive Committee usually meets six times a year as scheduled. 

Due to COVID-19, all meetings of the Finance/Executive Committee are being held virtually via Microsoft Teams in accordance with AB 361.  For a copy of the agenda and information on how to connect to these virtual meetings, please contact the Clerk of the Commission at (650) 616-0050