Our Strategic Plan

Over the course of 2023, we gathered input from over 200 individuals across dozens of organizations, including community-based groups, the Commissioners who oversee HPSM’s work, HPSM providers, advisory groups, and our employees. We conducted a meta-analysis of population level data about our members’ health and needs.

Driven by the input of our community, a dynamic new strategic plan for 2024-2028 took shape to guide HPSM’s work for the next five years. The plan has two areas of focus: 

  • Better health care experiences and outcomes for all members
  • Thriving organizational capacity and resilience.

We have defined six specific goals to advance our areas of focus:

  1.    Improve health outcomes
  2.    Enhance access and experience
  3.    Reduce health disparities
  4.    Strengthen culture and teams
  5.    Solve problems with data
  6.    Invest for the future

View our Strategic Plan to learn more about the efforts HPSM is undertaking to meet these goals, and our metrics for measuring our progress:

HPSM Strategic Plan