Quality Improvement & Health Equity

What we do to help our members stay healthy

We want our members and community to have good health. We also want them to get the care they need when they need it. We have a Quality Improvement & Health Equity (QIHE) Program that tracks how HPSM is doing at helping our members reach their health goals. The QI Program also looks at how our providers and staff are doing at delivering quality care and access to services.

Each year we have a report that describes our quality improvement goals and programs. Read the 2023 Quality Improvement Program Description.

The purpose of the QIHE Program is to track and evaluate the quality, efficiency, safety, and success of care and services. QI staff look for ways to:

  • Improve our service to members
  • Improve our members’ health results
  • Make sure to offer cultural and linguistically appropriate services
  • Keep high levels of member and provider satisfaction
  • Support the ability of all staff and providers to offer high quality of care and services to our members

QIHE Program Goals

  • To offer high quality care and services
  • To make sure we have highly trained staff
  • To make sure members get the best health care
  • To make sure members have access to the services they need in their language
  • To make sure our providers give members the exams and screenings they need
  • Solve found problems in a timely way

The QIHE Program touches all aspects of care

  • Access to providers
  • Access to services in their language
  • Services for older adults and people with disabilities
  • Patient safety
  • Access to medical visits and an after hours nurse advice line
  • Up to date guidelines for the best patient care
  • Care Coordination for complex cases

How we evaluate quality of care and health equity

Each year we write up a report on if we met our quality goals and program objectives. Read the 2022 Quality Improvement Program Evaluation.

To improve the quality of care and health equity we may:

  • Offer members incentive programs
  • Remind members to get screenings, lab tests, and vaccines
  • Assess the quality of care and service of our providers and their staff
  • Promote safety in health care through education for members and doctors
  • Work with all HPSM staff and providers to improve service to members
  • Review of interpreter program to make sure it meets the needs of our members