Our Role in CalAIM

CalAIM helps us deliver comprehensive, integrated medical, dental and behavioral services to our most high-risk, high-needs Medi-Cal members. Here's an overview of the progress we've made in the first year.

Community Supports

covers non-medical services that address life challenges

Top 7% HPSM rank among California plans providing these services

Food Insecurity

500+ members get medically tailored meals


Housing Assistance

300+ members connected with community supports

250+ members housed

Enhanced Care Management (ECM)

coordinates extra care coordination for the most at-risk members

Top 22% HPSM rank among California plans providing these services

Post-incarceration support

2,000+ members are eligible for case management to help them re-integrate into the community

Student Behavioral Health Incentive Program

improves infrastructure for local K-12 schools to increase access to behavioral health supports that will be reimbursable by students' insurance coverage. We're partnering with three local school districts to launch:

  • A centralized wellness center to serve as a resource hub for families.
  • Substance use screening, identification and referrals for students needing treatment.
  • A health record system documenting mental health services claims for coverage by students' insurance carriers.
30+ schools impacted
14,500+ students eligible
Fact Sheet 2024

Get to know your health plan!

Fact Sheet 2024: a four-page infographic overview of HPSM full of facts, figures and more.