Community Impact 

People's health is closely tied to the community they live in: the more supportive the community, the healthier people can be. San Mateo County is home to many exceptional community resources – but people don't always know what support services are available or how to access them. That's why HPSM partners with local organizations that complement our own services. By providing personalized resource referrals and partnering with organizations on special projects, we go well beyond just helping people stay healthy. We help them get food if they are hungry, housing if they are homeless, friends if they are lonely – and so much more. 

HPSM’s special programs

We work with some of our partners on special programs that are designed to meet the unique needs of our members with the most needs – seniors with chronic conditions and people living with disabilities. These programs enable HPSM to test new and improved ways to enhance people’s health and well-being. When programs succeed, we expand them so more HPSM members can benefit. Effective programs also serve as models that other health care organizations throughout the region and the state can emulate.

Our special programs include:

  • The Community Care Settings Program (CCSP), which helps aging and disabled people transition from skilled nursing facilities into the community. This enables them to live independently with the assistance of a coordinated clinical support team. 
  • HomeAdvantage, which provides eligible CareAdvantage members with routine home visits, urgent on-call treatment and 24/7 phone access to providers. HPSM offers this program at no cost to members in partnership with Landmark Health. 
  • Post-Acute Care Pilot (PACP), which promotes recovery to prevent relapse for members transitioning out of skilled nursing facilities and long-term care settings.
  • The Whole Child Model and California Children's Services Program (CCS) , a partnership between HPSM and San Mateo County to deliver coordinated care and services to eligible kids with complex medical conditions.
  • Whole Person Care, a pilot led by San Mateo County Health System (SMCHS) that brings a group of 15 local partner organizations (including HPSM) together to provide coordinated care for people with the most complex problems who need the most help.
  • Wider Circle, which helps older adults make new friends and develop healthy habits by attending fun social events in their community.

HPSM's community partners 

HPSM collaborates and coordinates with many community organizations in different ways for various purposes. For example, we frequently refer our members to some of our community partners for the vital support services they provide – such as advice, advocacy and help accessing government benefits. Other partners work with us more formally on our special programs described above. All of these partners strengthen our ability to ensure our members have the support they need to be healthy. 

Our community partners include: 

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