HPSM Health Plan Options in San Mateo County

HPSM offers San Mateo County residents four different health plans: CareAdvantage, Medi-Cal, HealthWorx and ACE. Medi-Cal members who have Medicare Parts A & B are eligible to join CareAdvantage, our Medicare Advantage plan. Members of our other three plans are automatically enrolled in the plan they qualify for.

Learn more about our four health plans below.

HPSM members: your health plan is listed on your Member ID card. You can learn more about your health plan by clicking on the image that looks like your card.

CareAdvantage ID Card

CareAdvantage by Health Plan of San Mateo

CareAdvantage is a health insurance program that combines Medicare and Medi-Cal into one comprehensive, convenient plan. It also provides extra benefits and is available to eligible HPSM Medi-Cal members who:

  • Live in San Mateo County
  • Have Medicare Parts A & B and
  • Have full-scope Medi-Cal through the Health Plan of San Mateo
Medi-Cal ID Card

HPSM Medi-Cal

Medi-Cal is a state and federally funded health insurance program. Medi-Cal covers low-income adults, families with children, seniors, persons with disabilities, pregnant women, children in foster care and former foster youth up to age 26.

HealthWorx ID Card

HealthWorx HMO

HealthWorx HMO is a health insurance program for City of San Mateo part-time employees and In-home Supportive Services (IHSS) workers employed by the San Mateo County Public Authority.


ACE Program

San Mateo County Access and Care for Everyone (ACE) is a locally funded health care program for low-income adults age 19 and above who do not qualify for other health insurance. HPSM serves as the third-party administrator for the program and the service area is San Mateo County.